WAMH Support Groups

Still Unclear on the concept of Support Groups?

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Our Support groups are therapist moderated, topic-specific, intimate groups of 10-12 people coming together in a safe space to talk, listen and be heard as they share their experiences.

Sometimes, our mental health journeys can feel a little lonely. Support Groups help change this.
By bringing together people across ages and cities, support groups establish a mutual sense of connection and togetherness.

The best part?
They can become a part of your mental health journey at any stage!

Our support groups are 60-90 minute long sessions where we guide participants through a number of activities and exercises to help them talk about their experiences and identify ways to cope with what they are feeling.

Want to know more about what happens inside a Support Group?
Have a look at our  Support Groups Journey

Support Group Categories

Having topics for support groups makes it easier to bring together people who understand and relate to each other’s experiences. At WAMH, we have conducted over 50 support groups for a wide range of topics. We continue our endeavour to have a vast variety of inclusive topics for people to feel heard, understood and supported.

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Support Groups

Date: 25th August, 2021, Wednesday

Moderating Therapist:  Sakshi Sanghvi Psychologist, (Clinical)

It is often said that we just work hard to pursue our passion and fulfil our purpose. However, what is often left out, is the lost feeling that one gets in the process towards even…

Date: 28th August, Saturday

Moderating Therapist: Ms. Vishwa Modi (MA Clinical, trauma informed)

Every loss is personal and needs to be honoured. Grief cannot be only restricted to the loss of close on but also expands to the loss of our own furry mate. They become our family members…