Lingering Fear About Health During COVID

With the pandemic sweeping across the globe, we are facing unexpected stressors we’ve probably never had to before. Many of us are becoming increasingly fearful about contracting the virus, or our loved ones coming in contact with it. Every little cough, headache, fever starts to feel like the onset of covid symptoms, and this fear
just adds to the stress all of us are already experiencing. Having said that, no matter what you’re feeling, it always gets a little bit better when you take the burden off your chest by talking to someone who relates to your struggle. Through our meet-ups, we bring together like-minded people, who are struggling with the same issues, to fight unified. The community gives you a better insight into your struggles and helps you to overcome your issues.

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Parental Pressure

A secure and a healthy family environment is essential for growth and development of a child. However, like any other thing, extremities are often a

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